• Global Policy Commons

last modified February 3 by strypey

Follow-up project if Policy Commons and Gitocracy works out. A P2P platform for transparently negotiating global agreements on things like climate change mitigation, transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, labour standards, free sharing of publicly-funded research and arts etc.

The platform would need at least two things; the repository in which versions of possible texts can be stored, forked, modified etc, using Git as the back-end and a user-friendly front-end, and a discussion tool in which to discuss the pros and cons of different versions, possible ways to merge them etc. This could be an instance of Loomio, or a fork of Loomio. Is it just as simple, then, as using something like GitLab alongside Loomio, or do we still need to build a simpler user experience around Git, and/or integration with Loomio.