• Hamilton Council votes on Water Fluoridation

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Hamilton City Council intend to decide at their March 1st meeting whether to continue fluoridating our water or not, OR whether to put the topic to public referendum.

Public Health officials and Dental Practioners often claim that the addition of certain chemical forms of the flouride group to drinking water is a safe and beneficial way of protecting teeth from decay. Not so, say independent researchers. How could the experts get it so wrong?

The proposition that some minerals containing the element fluorine play a part in the formation and maintainance of healthy teeth is not controversial. However a significant group of researchers believe that a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to provide the body with the fluorides it needs and that treating tap water with compounds like Fluorhexafluorosilicic acid is danger to public health rather than a benefit. A number of studies have shown that as well as causing fluorosis, fluorides are carcinogenic and can cause infertility and weakening of the bones, leading to an increase in hip fractures in fluoridated areas. Reports from areas in India where fluoridation is being introduced show shocking developmental disorders appearing in the population.

This rebuttal was prepared, citing the research of a number of independent scientists and medical professionals after the American Dental Association (ADA) put out a booklet advocating tap water fluoridation. The ADA publication is no long longer available at the link given on that site but a quick search of the ADA website reveals this piece of propoganda.

So how can the mainstream experts get it so wrong? One theory involves the way licenses are issued for middle-class professions like medicine, dentistry, law etc involving high risk to others. These licenses are often controlled either overtly or through internal politicking by professional associations which are accountable to no-one but the majority of their members.

Another theory, offered by Claude Ginsberg in the Washington Free Press is that corporations provide scholarships to students who do not questions received wisdom like fluoridation, stacking the public service with qualified yes-men (who only occasionally break ranks). They do so at arm's length using non-profit trusts (known in the USA as foundations) as fronts. This is one reason why corporate control of professional training through privatization of tertiary institutions and student fees/ loans is so dangerous (see my interview with the former student of the now bankrupt Carich Computer Training).

As with vaccination, school milk, drug prohibition and a number of other 'public health measures' which have turned out to have an adverse affect on the well-being of thousands if not millions of people, misleading statistics and anecdotal evidence are quoted to try and prove a benefit which hard chemical science and epidemiology (t he study of illness epidemics across populations) have debunked. For example improved dental health statistics from communities in which tap water fluoridation and dental health education have been instituted at the same time or from areas with a higher concentration of higher-income, higher-educated residents.

As well as professionals, the chemical industry has a powerful influence over government policy. Consequently a frightening number of the household products you use every day are slowly poisoning your family. In Aotearoa, there are community-based campaigns against a number of the taxpayer-funded subsidies to chemical industry corporations which are vieled with public health, environmental or economic justifications. These include the
Immunisation Awareness Society, the Safe Food Campaign and GE Free NZ who with the help of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics have highlighted the role of chemical corporations like Monsanto in pushing for pesticide resistant GE crops, potentially increasing the amount of these agricultural poisons in our food. As always, there are a number of ways you can take action against fluoridation of tap water in your area, whether it is current practice or being proposed. If you live in Hamilton you can join the campaign to remove fluoride wastes from tap water by contacting Caren from the local Fluoride Action Network- greg.caren(at)clear.net.nz.

Note: Some good reference books on toxics issues include Meriel Watts' 'the Poisoning of New Zealand', 'Poisoning Our Children' by Nancy Sokol Green and the chemical classic 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson.