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last modified April 20, 2018 by strypey

He mihi nui ki a koutou mo tō koutou mahi tautoko. A huge thanks to all of these people and organisations who have helped and supported the work of Disintermedia over the years.


If you are willing to discuss offering gratis (free of charge) services to support Disintermedia, like server hosting, or some hours of development or sysadmin work from your company, please contact Danyl Strype .

 CoActivate.org: provides this groupware platform to Disintermedia and many other groups and communities free of charge. Big thanks to Ethan Jucovy, sysadmin of CoActivate, and lead programmer on the OpenCore software which powers it.

Public Funding

If you are part of a public funding organisation willing to discuss offering funding of any kind to support the work of Disintermedia, please contact Danyl Strype .

Community Funding

No amount is too small to be helpful, if you can afford to give it every week for a period of time, allowing me to budget for fixed costs. I am still investigating micropatronage systems, which will allow people to give a regular weekly contribution, like a subscription to a newspaper. If you have any experience with these systems, I would love to hear from you about what worked and what didn't. So far, other than the ones listed below, I've had a glance at Flattr, Patreon, Gratipay (sadly defunct), and OpenCollective. I'm still working out how to make these work for funding my work on Disintermedia projects.

I'm also interested in systems that are easy to use for drive-by contributions, so people to "tip" me, the sort of thing musicians sharing their recordings online could use as a Virtual Hat for online busking. I'm hoping GNU Taler  eventually takes off, and I can use that. For now, if anyone can recommend any other sites for collecting one-off donations for struggling web writers, that would be much appreciated. If you want to donate, and you don't mind the banking system knowing it, please contact Danyl Strype , and I can give you bank account details privately.


Regular Contributions ("micropatronage")

  • If you can afford to make a regular contribution, large or small, you can sign up to do that using Strypey's LiberaPay page. If and when more people commit time to working on Disintermedia projects, they can set up their own account on LiberaPay and join a Disintermedia team there, at which point this page will be changed to invite donations there.
  • Regular contributions are also welcome from Patreon users, here's Strypey's Patreon page.

One Time Donations

I've set up a Ko-Fi account, just to try it out. But frankly, I'm not convinced that adding yet another middleman between me, PayPal, the bank, and the person trying to pay money to me is really going to help. Prove me wrong, buy me a coffee!

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com


A while back I experimented with setting up the software to receive BitCoins. I'm embarrassed to admit that this was a failure. I just haven't had the time to do all the reading required to fully understand how to use BitCoin; how to back up my wallet, how to accept payments to the same wallet from multiple devices, whether I can do this using the same address (mine was: 19KER7hfqXhZnHnnJ3VcGRr2w3i1v6e44e), and so on. The same is even more true for other crypto-coins (FairCoin, FreiCoin, SolarCoin, NameCoin, FileCoin etc). If you can help me get to grips with any of this, especially if you are keen to donate to Disintermedia ... you guessed it, please contact Danyl Strype .