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last modified March 19, 2016 by strypey

He mihi nui ki a koutou mo tō koutou mahi tautoko. A huge thanks to all of these people and organisations who have helped and supported the work of Disintermedia over the years.


If you are willing to discuss offering gratis (free of charge) services to support Disintermedia, like server hosting, or some hours of development or sysadmin work from your company, please contact Daniel Strypey Bruce .

 CoActivate.org: provides this groupware platform to Disintermedia and many other groups and communities free of charge. Big thanks to Ethan Jucovy, sysadmin of CoActivate, and lead programmer on the OpenCore software which powers it.


If you are willing to discuss offering funding of any kind to support the work of Disintermedia, please contact Daniel Strypey Bruce .

If you can afford to make a regular monthly contribution, you can sign up to do that using Strypey's Patreon page.

If you can donate some BitCoins to help with our costs, please pay them into: 19KER7hfqXhZnHnnJ3VcGRr2w3i1v6e44e

(note I'm totally new to using BitCoin, so any advice for increasing security, privacy, reliability etc would be most appreciated.)

No amount is too small to be helpful, if you can afford to give it every week for a period of time, allowing me to budget for fixed costs. I am currently investigating micropatronage systems (see ), which will allow people to "tip" me, or ideally, make a regular weekly donation. If you have any experience with these systems, I would love to hear from you about what worked and what didn't. So far I've had a look at Flattr, Patreon, and Gratipay, but I'm still working out how to make these work for me.