• Indymedia Alternatives

last modified June 8, 2012 by strypey

Free culture and permaculture interests were combined in my development work with the Indymedia Alternatives project from 2003 - 2009. We wanted to create a news and collaboration website within Indymedia for people working in their communities to create alternatives to corporate ownership, management and control of resources. A place for people to report on positive change in their communities. Although a production site never emerged, the email list produced a space for people to compare and contrast 'socialforge' sites, co-operative development resources like CoActivate.org, WiserEarth, and the Global Ideas Bank, and brainstorm on ways to improve their usefulness. More recent sites like the Bank of Real Solutions, based here in Aotearoa, implement some aspects of the vision we developed, but there is still much that could be achieved by connecting and integrating these different services using open protocols.