• JumpCut service for moving image

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Danyl Strype

Tuesday 02 September 2008 4:06:51 pm

JumpCut service for moving image

Kia ora koutou

A friend in Manawatu put me on to this service (acquired by Yahoo in 2006) called JumpCut:

http://www.jumpcut.com/quickGuide/quickGuide_upload [all Jumpcuts links are rotten]

The service seems designed to enourage remix culture, allowing people to upload video clips and photos, and edit them into videos. Both complete videos and component material can be uploaded as private or public (allowing sampling and reuse by others using the site). See the FAQ for more details on how this works:


None of the pages I looked through mentioned anything about who owns the copyright on material which is uploaded and made public. Considering that making a video public automatically makes any included clips and photos public, this is something we might want to know. I finally found the relevant info here:


"You retain ownership to Your Content that You submit for inclusion into the Service. However, by submitting Your Content to Yahoo!, You hereby grant Yahoo! and its affiliates the following worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable and transferable rights and licenses..."

So in theory there's no reason a CC license would be incompatible with JumpCut, but unlike it's cousin FlickR, there doesn't seem to be any way to choose a license during the upload process.

So in conclusion, an interesting addition to the Web2.0 universe, probably more useful to hobbyists than anyone wanting to make art, but maybe useful for activists putting together agitprop for distribution around the web.

Ma te wā


Danyl Strype

Sunday 16 August 2009 7:37:25 pm

Jumpcut closed by Yahoo, Wikipedia launches open alternative

Jumpcut seems to have suffered the same fate as Geocities, being closed down by Yahoo, presumably in a cost-cutting measure in the face of ther recession and falling revenues. Fortunately the Wikimedia Foundation, owners of Wikipedia, have recently started work with a company called Kaltura on a set of open tools for multimedia remixing: