• Mumbleback Radio

last modified January 22, 2019 by strypey

The goal of this project is to set up an online talkback radio experience, using a dedicated Murmur server and Mumble clients.

The idea started when it occurred to me (Strypey) that a conversation in a Mumble room can be recorded, so it could be a way to record a podcast with co-hosts or guests who can't be in the same place for a recording session. Then I remember that the Pirate Parties International organization used to use Mumble for meetings, where some participants had speaking rights, but any member of any member party could attend as an observer. So I know that a Mumble room can have some people speaking, and others only listening, which means with the right permissions set up, anyone with a Mumble client could be part of a live audience for a podcast recording sessions. If they can be an audience, it therefore follows they can be given temporary speaking rights, like in the model of talkback radio.

To properly test either of these theories (recording a podcast or hosting a talkback session), it would be necessary to stand up a Murmur server, so that we could set up a dedicated room on it for recording a podcast. Once that was working reliably, we could experiment with inviting a live audience. If that worked out, and we were comfortable with managing speaking rights in the 'studio' room on the fly, we could then look at trying out Mumbleback Radio sessions. These could just be ephemeral, only heard by those participating. But they could also be recorded and put out as a podcast.