• Notable Interviews

last modified September 24, 2016 by strypey

2016 - Ann Pettifor interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on RadioNZ - 'We're no longer citizens, we're customers'

2016 - Mel Abbot and Dr John Dunbar interviewed by Lynn Freeman on RadioNZ - the effect of mind-body therapy on Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

2016 - Nicola Gaston interviewed by Veronica Meduna on RadioNZ - 'sexism in science'

2016 - Douglas Rushkoff interviewed by Charlotte Graham on RadioNZ - 'Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus'

2015 - Anna Guenther interviewed by Noelle McCarthy on RadioNZ - crowdfunding in Aotearoa

2015 - Richard Stallman interviewed by Kim Hill on RadioNZ - the origins and philosophy of free software

2015 - Vinay Gupta interviewed by Future Thinkers - blockchains, smart contracts, e-democracy and so much more

2014 - Dr Chris Smith interviewed by Simon Morton on RadioNZ - effects of climate change of lightening and vice-versa, and storing data in DNA

2014 - Vivien Maidaborn and Richard Bartlett interviewed by Kim Hill on RadioNZ - Loomio and 'collaborating online'

2014 - Cory Doctorow interviewed by SImon Morton on RadioNZ - copyright and its challengers