• Occupy Wellington Open Dream Space

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Occupy Wellington had a dramatic day on the waterfront of Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Gathering at 1pm in Civic Square, the crowd was buoyed by the rain showers dying away, and shaft of sunlight breaking through as the afternoon went on.

The occupation proper then began, with banners being hung from the City to Sea Bridge, and the crowd moving up onto the City to Sea Bridge for an open mic, to talk about their frustrations with the global economic systems, and their visions for a just, sustainable world. A group of musicians and spinners accompanied the opening of a dream space by the pyramid above Capital E, where a white sheet became a blank slate for people to share inspiring messages.

After warming up the space for a while, the rain began to return. A quick general assembly was called, and a consensus decision emerged to parade down to the NZ Stock Exchange, inside the empty fanzone, while a small group, including yours truly, remained on the bridge to hold the dream space. Another snap assembly outside the NZSE made a consensus to return for another parade on Labour Day.

Once the group was reunited on the bridge, a talking circle began in the dream space, by the rapidly filling sheet. People introduced themselves and shared some of their reasons for being part of Occupy Wellington, beginning a respectful, inspiring, and humorous discussion that went on through the afternoon. With people joining and leaving at different times, diverse explanations emerged of what's the wrong with the system and what alternatives to it there might be.

From that it emerged that a group is committed to continuing the occupation through the night, and are currently setting up shelter on the green space on the bridge.

We are the 99%! You are the 99%!








Originally published on Aotearoa.Indymedia.org (October, 2011