• Oggle

last modified August 20, 2012 by strypey

The idea behind the Oggle project is to create and distribute CDs, DVDs, and USB keys to promote:

* Ogg multimedia file formats developed by Xiph. The Ogg suite includes the Ogg container format, the Vorbis audio compression format (lossy, like MP3), the FLAC CD-quality audio format, and the Theora video compression format.

* Free code software for multimedia applications, including software to play the media files. This could include plug-ins for existing apps that don't support Ogg out of the box, libre media players for a variety of platforms (GNU/ Linux, MacOS, Windows etc), or even a lightweight LiveDisc which boots a free code OS that can play the media files.

* Multimedia artists who are placing their work under pro-sharing licenses (such as those provided by CreativeCommons)

* Labels, studios and websites who promote and encourage the use of free code software, open file formats, and pro-sharing licensing of digital art

The discs or keys could be given away, if funding for production could be sourced. They could be sold at cost, or sold as a fundraiser for a free culture project, but if they are sold, artists using non-commercial clauses in their licenses would need to be approached for permission.

The discs would obviously be printed with info about the contents, and logos of participating or supporting projects. Keys could be monogrammed with a logo (eg CreativeCommons) as promotional merchandise, and loaded with the contents of both the CD (text, graphic, and audio only) and the DVD (includes video, interactive, and multimedia material)