• Online Decision Platforms

last modified May 26, 2016 by strypey

Loomio - free code (AGPL) inspired by Occupy, and developed by a worker-owned cooperative. Groups can start discussions on a topic, then run through a series of consensus decisions on that topic.

LiquidFeedback -  free code (MIT) inspired by the Pirate Party, and developed by the Public Software Group. Implements the Liquid Democracy concept of people being able to vote on any decision, or delegate their vote to another trusted person.

DemocracyOS - free code (MIT) created by the founders of the Net Party in Argentina. Uses blockchain technology inspired by BitCoin to certify decisions. Translated into 5+ languages.

Votorola - "...an experimental technology for the public guidance of electoral systems, exec­u­tive of­fices, legis­latures, and other decision sys­tems. Unique­ly it combines the de­vices of re­combin­ant text, trans­i­tive voting, and vote pipes to build a max­imum of person­al freedom into its facil­i­ties. The main facil­i­ties are tree-form, de­cision guide­ways. Voto­rol­a deploys the leaf­ward edges of these in sup­port of the pub­lic sphere, where they pro­vide a pur­pose and out­let for ration­al dis­course."

GroupMindExpress - Commercial and proprietary. "Your team’s collective intelligence is greater than the sum of its parts; help them align with strategic planning and organizational development tools from GroupMind™Strategic planning, change management, and organizational development processes benefit from experienced consultants with software that leverages collective intelligence."

HandUp - Simple, pretty, online polling tool.

Doodle - Simple, pretty, online meeting planning tool.

Mesh Democracy -

VocalEyes -

Represent -

Democracy Earth - co-founded by Pia Mancini of DemocracyOS