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The theoretical platform and research interests Strypey set up Disintermedia to explore are very compatible with those of the P2P Foundation. P2PF have reproduced a number of Strypey's blog posts from here on their own blog, and the general research accumulating on the Dis wiki, particularly lists of projects and information about them, would be of use to more people hosted on the P2PF wiki. Chances are more people will find them there, and perhaps contribute to them. This page keeps track of the Dis pages moved to the P2PF wiki, or that Dis members created there instead of here, as well as Dis blog posts they've reproduced.

The info about ported pages can also be found on the Dis page on the P2P wiki. It may be that this page is retired and the link that brought you here linked to that page instead. Each of these pages needs to have a message added at the top with a link to the P2PF page its been ported to, and whether the port is complete. That way, new info can be added on the relevant P2PF page, and anyone arriving on retired Dis pages via old links can find the maintained version.

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 Distributed Search Engines
 Open Source Electric Vehicle
 Created for P2PF
 Free Code Self-Hosting Packages   Leaving the Googleverse and Fyre Exyt
 Authoring Platforms
  Collaborative Authoring Platforms
Free Code Graphics Toolkits and Libraries‎
Free Code Game Engines
Open Source Game Operating Systems
Open Source Virtual Worlds
Open Game Business Models‎
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  Libre Game Development


Blog Posts Syndicated on the P2P Foundation blog

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