• Presenting Timeline

last modified September 8, 2011 by strypey

I've been gathering information on the Disintermedia wiki for a free culture timeline, featuring all the major milestones I can think of in the development of free software, free cultural objects etc. As the wikipage started to get longer, I wondered if there would be a more attractive way to present this data, something that I could potentially use as the basis for a talk at this year's Software Freedom Day, as well as making it available online.

So, what free code tools are available for putting together a visual timeline? The first resource I found was provided by the Learning Object Authoring Zone, giving instructions for a couple of different tools; Timeline Tool, an online tool created by Tim Wang, and the Timeline Creator, a downloadable tool provided by the Centre for Educational Resources. Another tool I found was TimePlot, part of the Simile project, originally sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellow Foundation.