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Most of the writing I have completed over the years has been published online. I'm hoping to change this, and get some work published in print publications, but I also believe strongly that the web is the mainstream publishing medium of the future (if not the present). 

 Non Fiction

Research Papers


Paper for FreeCulture2010: 'Free to Know or Free to Own? Convergence of Free and Slow Culture in Global Relocalisation'

Paper for NZCIEL 2010 : 'Kei hea ngā kete mātauranga e toru o ēnei wā: Where are the three baskets of knowledge of today?'

Rants and Commentaries

Disintermedia Blog 

Free to Know or Free to Own?  

Articles Self-Published on the Aotearoa Independent Media Centre (Indymedia) 

Note: For all articles, the title links to a local copy on the Disintermedia wiki. For articles published from 2013 onwards, the date links to the original article on the current Indymedia site.


(3 October): Many Pieces, Loosely Joined: Independent Media in the Digital Age

(10 June): Keep DRM “Crippleware” Out of HTML5

(2 June): Political Circus in the Lead-Up to 2014, Pass The Bread

(30 March): Climate Change Liar Touring Aotearoa in April

(22 January): Fox in Charge of Hen House: Gambling, Biotech and...

(13 January): Massey Professor Climbs Proudly Into Bed With World Bank

Note: For articles published in 2012 and before, the date links to the version of the article on the Indymedia static archive.


(4 November): K Rd Occupied by Street Party

(18 October): MSD Debacle: Free Code for Government IT  

(3 September): Tino Rangatiratanga for Tangata Whenua and New Zealanders  

(20 July): My Binding Referenda Problem  

(7 July): How To Avoid Getting Robbed  

(March): Neighbours Day in Ōtepoti and the Hyde St Keg Party  

6 March: What's a "Capitalism" Anyway?  


(14 December): Going Forward: Occupy Everything!

(21 October): Occupy Movement Digs in Around Aotearoa

(15 October): Occupy Wellington Open Dream Space

(1 April): Keys to a Robust IMC

(24 February): Another Major Quake Shakes Ōtautahi  


(31 July): Coastal Coalition Unsure About Foreshore {and Seabed}

(23 June): Peak oil - the end of capitalism, or the beginning?

(17 June): The Expanding Island and the Myth of Economic Growth

(12 June): Gangs are ok, but outlaw paramilitaries?


(2 December): 10 Years of Indymedia: Where To From Here?


(4 August): Plastic Bag Ban Puts Collingwood On the Map

(21 July): Privacy not Privatization - Using PGP to encrypt email  

(27 March): Daktivists Defy Prohibitionist Bullies in Manawatu


(21 June): Rio Tinto Looms Over Te Ika a Maui

(7 June): Tidal Power on Whose Seabed?  

(25 May): Open Letter to National's Nicky Wagner on Climate Change

(11 May): The Even More Inconvenient Truth and the SocialForge Solution


(22 February): KFC Workers Strike to Abolish Youth Rates


(22 February): Ungagged! Ex-Student of Bankrupt Carich

Published Online


(May 14) TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: Work and Income is Beyond Repair – Scrap it !


(July 18) TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: A Change of Government Requires a Change of Attitudes

(April 3) TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: Some Home Truths About House Shortages, Housing Affordability, and the Generation Gap


(April 18) P2P Foundation Blog: Douglas Rushkoff on Updating our Economic Operating System (syndicated from the Disintermedia blog)

(January 23) TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: Basic Standards for Rental Housing is Win-Win


(12 November)  TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: Crowdsourcing or Outsourcing: Who Benefits?

(5 September) TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: Living Together - On Meals in Schools and Community Gardening


(25 May) NZcommons.org.nz  commentary: The Unintended Benefits of Libre

(18 April) TheDailyBlog Guest Blog: Internet Party - What Seems Ridiculous To The Old Often Makes Perfect Sense to the Young


(30 November) CreativeCommons.org.nz commentary: DIY MySpam

Representations to Public Enquiries

MMP Review

My first website, made using the free code html composer NVu (superceded by BlueGriffon), and the Filezilla FTP client, could until be recently be viewed on OrconHosting. This next part of this page is a straight copy of the 'Writing Garden' page on my Orcon site, which links to a bunch of articles I posted there, and pieces published on some other sites, including Boheme Magazine, and Aotearoa.Indymedia.org. Unfortunately the Boheme website went down, possibly never to return. I was hoping to get copies of my Boheme articles using Archive.org and their WayBack Machine, but I've only been able to find a couple of them.

The Writing Garden page linked to everything I published on Aotearoa Indymedia up to mid-2007.  Unfortunately, due to a series of emergency CMS migrations of Aotearoa.Indymedia.org by various geek volunteer, the database has become very fragmented, and a decision was made during the last migration to move all archives prior to 5-11-2012 to a separate static archive. Consequently, many of the links on this page are now broken. As I have time, I intend to migrate articles and other features of that site to the Disintermedia wiki. I also intended to work on making copies of all my online writing using Webcitation. In the meantime, if the links here don't work, you can find most of these pieces (with the exception of the Boheme pieces) by copying the link and putting into the WayBack Machine.


Novel #1 - Codename: Inter(sur)face
Other Story Bits
Poetry (coming soon)
some very eroded soil How To...

Get Windows Working
Make a Homepage
Utilize Aotearoa Indymedia

Unfinished Rants...

Freedom to own vs. freedom to know

On the 1990s anticorporate movement

Nuclear Nonsense


Activist Calendar
Independent Music Centres
Constitutional Structure for Aotearoa
NotApathetic for Aotearoa elections

Published by Boheme Magazine...

Free culture rants
Decommodifying Music - (September 2003)
Imperial Blog Cruiser - (August 2004)

95 These Nailed to the Web - (May 2005)

4 Part Series on the Bohemian Virtues
Love - Reflections in Broken Glass
(February 2005)
 Truth - Reflections in Still Water - (April 2005)
Freedom - Reflections in the Mind's Eye - (July 2005)
Beauty - Reflections in the Sky - (August 2005)


Untitled (prose and review ) - (July, 2004)
Life in the Waiting Room- (June 2005)

Boheme Reviews...

3 Quick Reviews - (November 2003)
'Idoru' - William Gibson - (January 2005)
'Shelters of Stone' - Jane M. Auel - (May 2005)
'Complicity' - Ian Banks - (June 2005)
'Amercian Gods' - Neil Gaiman - (July 2005)
the matrices - a trilogy in review - (November 2005)
'Equilibrium' - Kurt Wimmer - (Jan-Feb 2006)

3 Part Review of the Dunedin Fringe Festival  2004
Combing the Fringe - (October 2004)
Splitting Heirs - (November 2004)
Postscripts from the Edge - (December 2004)

News published on
World Trade Organisation protests
November 2002
Free Movement of the People - March and Rally in Sydney
N14 - Second Day of NoWTO actions in Sydney
N15 - Third Day of NoWTO actions in Sydney
A-IMC Reporter mugged in Sydney - WTO mugs the world's poor
ANZLAS protests by Anti-vivisectionists
August 2003
Anti-Vivisection Drum Circle
Anti-Vivisection Demonstrations Continue Outside Conference Venue
Save Happy Valley Campaign
2005/ 2006
Eyewitness report from Waihopai (January 2003)
Aotearoa Rainbow Family Gathering (March 2003)
Community working bee in Te Aro, Wellington (March 2003)
Animal rights demonstration at Agresearch (April 2003)
MayDay Masquerade Mayhem (May 2003)
Falun Dafa march in Auckland (July 2003)
GE Free Hui begins with Public Meeting (July 2003)
Pride Festival Chases Off Auckland Rain (September 2003)
Ootautahi (CHCH) adds a thousand GE Free Marchers (October 2003)
MayDay in Christchurch (May 2004)
Waikato Students Rally Against Debt (May 2004)
Hamilton Group Opens Media Activist Space (July 2004)
Civil Union Rally in Hamilton (August 2004)
Colgate-Palmolive Workers Demand 5% (April 2005)
Aro Park Prohibition Free on J-Day (May 2005)
Hospital Workers Rally in Otautahi/ ChCh (September 2005)
KFC Workers Strike to Abolish Youth Rates (February 2006)
Provisional Results of Hamilton Fluoride Referendum (May 2006)

Column in Thrall magazine

Anarchy Online (An Irregular Column About the Web and How to Use It)


#2 So How Do I Get On The Internet?

#3: I'm Hooked, What Now?

Commentary published on
Aotearoa Indymedia
Movement Building Requires Tolerance (February 2003)
Pro-war? You are being lied to! (April 2003)
Indymedia - information as a coral reef (September 2003)
Moth spraying debates takes strange twist (October 2003)
Open Letter to Helen Clark (November 2003)
Libertarianz Doublethink on GE (December 2003)
My AID Problem (December 2003)
Shifting the Centre - Why Activist Shouldn't Moderate Themselves (April 2004)
Plug Pulled on Project Aqua (May 2004)
Obituary: Gaye Dyson (September 2004)
Hard Drive By - action for information freedom (October 2004)
All New Anarchynz: now with Enzyme! (October 2004)
Open Letter to Worker's Charter supporters (September 2005)
Former US Cop Talks Like Anarchist (October 2005)
Illness Industry Addicted to Drug (January 2006)
Hamilton Council votes on Water Fluoridation (January 2006)
Ethnical Quandaries and the Census (March 2006)
Pearl Jam's Embrace of Creative Commons (May 2006)
How Hard Can a CEO Work? (May 2006)
Why Aotearoa Needs Anarchy (May 2006)
Source of Conflict (June 2006)
The Even More Inconvenient Truth and the SocialForge Solution - (May 2007)
Tidal Power on Whose Seabed? - (June 2007)
Rio Tinto Looms Over Te Ika a Maui (June 2007)
RoboCop Here We Come (July 2007)

Interviews published on Aotearoa Indymedia

Ungagged! Ex-Student of Bankrupt Carich (February 2004)
Recall Radio Moving On (May 2004)
Metiria Turei on Solomon Islands (June 2006)