• Quiet Chat

last modified August 18, 2013 by strypey

Three free code projects I'm aware of are focussed on how to allow people to have private realtime chat.

  • Off-the-Record (OTR): an encryption system for use with XMPP chat clients, created by Cypherpunks (not to be confused with going 'off the record' in Google chat which is not encrypted, just not logged - for you anyway)
  • Cryptocat: an experimental chat client which works as a browser plug-in, with OTR encryption, created by Nadim Kobeissi (thanks to Quinn Norton for the Wired article)
  • BitMessage: another experimental P2P chat client inspired by BitCoin, and designed to avoid the metadata collection recently revealed in the mass media. The Discussion Paper written by founder Jonathon Warren explains the principles.