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last modified November 19, 2019 by strypey

This guide to replacing FB is a work in progress. Progress reports can be found at Public Webspace

FarceBook forces users to login to view what could and ought to be public websites

FarceBook forces user to login to view what could and ought to be public websites.

On May 10, 2010, I nailed the seed of my 95 theses on the failings of data silo social media sites to the FarceBook mast:

­"­­I'm committing FaeceBook suicide by the December solstice. In the meantime, I'm launching a project to document both its useful features, and it downsides, and design a free, open, decentralized replacement based on open standards and respect for privacy - no scraping your personal data for targeted advertising without... your permission. One substitute I intend to actively work with the developer of is https://www.coactivate.org/. An open alternative for status messages is http://www.identi.ca/.­­  Copy this status update if you support this project!"

I haven't actively used it since, although some spammer has set up a fake account using my name and photo. Salim Virani posted an excellent piece on his blog in 2015 about how to delete your account and remove as much of your data from it as possible, due to a long list of good reasons not to use FarceBook. See dayssincelastfacebookscandal.com for a regularly updated chronicle of more reasons. A general guide to the current state of the federated social network systems that could one day be used to replace FB was posted on the Disintermedia blog in 2017.