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last modified October 14, 2010 by strypey

This project was inspired by the availabilty of CC-licensed instrumental tracks by one of my favourite 90s digital metal projects, Nine Inch Nails. The Ghost I tracks are licensed under a CC-NC-SA license, which means any derivatives works must be freely given away, rather than sold. I immediately thought of remixing, and I thought the simplest way to create a derivative work would be to write some lyrics, record some vocal tracks, and mix them with NIN's instrumental tracks. Putting anticorporate sentiments into the lyrics seemed like an entertaining way to detourn a band who have been recuperated by the corporate music machine.

The Ghost I tracks come in the form of mp3s so I am going to need free code audio software that can import an mp3, and allow me to mix it with my recorded vocal track. One package I've worked with for audio recording is Audacity, but I was curious to know what other packages are out there, that I could experiment with, some of which might already be present on my Pure:Dyne install of GNU/ Linux. One definite candidate is Mixxx, a GPL licensed, cross-platform, live mix engine, which just released version 1.8.