• Tipping Out the TPPA

last modified August 9, 2015 by strypey

The NZ government has signed (but not ratified) the ACTA agreement, despite significant opposition from members of the pubic who were able to find out about it, see Acting Up Against ACTA . However, because of significant delays in this process, and the lack of buy-in from developing countries, the public domain enclosers changed tack for a while, shoe-horning rules promoting and entrenching the sacred cow of "intellectual property" into various bilateral and multilateral "Free Trade Agreements", more accurately called Low Wage Treaties.

For us in Aotearoa, this was done through the "Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPPA), which is still under negotiation. See It'sOurFuture and the work of Professor Jane Kelsey for details on why we need to reject the TPP treaty, and FairDeal for details on the digital aspects.

This "death by a thousand cuts" is not a new strategy. In the late 90s the tangle of elite interests trying to impose corporate globalization around the world failed to get buy-in for the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). Since then, the strategy has been to impose the conditions in the MAI, country by country, using bilateral trade agreements. The NZ government has a number of such bilateral agreements in force:

(From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)