• what will digital natives pay for

last modified September 10, 2015 by strypey

Some market research nobody seems to be doing; what features would make digital natives pay for entertainment instead of torrenting it for free?


Well organised album packages

  • a folder (or zip-style file?) with the songs and the cover art and liner notes inside, all in widely supported formats
  • choice of folder structure and titles, and song title format
  • choice of file formats for different purposes (lossy vs. non-lossy, libre vs. patent encumbered/ proprietary)
  • complete and accurate metadata



User-friendly movie files

  • complete movie with no irrelevant subtitles, watermarks, silhouettes of people's heads etc
  • subtitles in the users language of choice, preferably without them having to change anything eg by checking the default language for their OS
  • dvd-style menus for chapter selection
  • deleted scenes, making of, bloopers etc
  • trailers for similar movies, or movies likely to appeal to someone who likes the movie being downloaded
  • all of this in a folder (or zip-style file) with cover art, and liner notes
    • either of the above on a USB stick or other reusable storage device
    • a piece of merchandise or artifact that can't be downloaded (at least until 3D printer technology matures)
  • full colour, glossy A2 poster
  • one-off movie t-shirt, hat, hoody or whatever
  • mug, fridge magnet etc


Examples in the Wild

  • Blink of ALowHum putting out albums for free download but charging for a limited edition screenprint of the cover art, at least two artists associated with ALowHum,  Disasteradio and Secret Knives, have released music on BandCamp under CC licenses,
  • Billy Corgan releasing Machina II for free download under CC-NC-SA 2.5
  • Smashing Pumpkins new 44 song project, Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, coming out one song at a time, with box set sold at conclusion.