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Uncontested Facts about 1080


Claims and Counter-claims about 1080


  What are the properties and effects of 1080?

1. 1080 only kills mammals

 Federated Farmers/ Forest and Bird - 1080: The Facts (retrieved 19/08/2010)

1. 1080 kills non-mammal species.

2011: NZ Department of Conservation - 'DOC takes steps to prevent kea losses'

2007: State of Victoria Deparment of Primary Industries - '1080 Poison Baits for Pest Animal Control'

2. No animals native to Aotearoa are harmed by 1080

2. Kea, Weka, Morepork, Tomtits and Robins have been killed by 1080

2010 Forest and Bird - '1080 FAQ' (retrieved 19/08/2010)

3. 1080 breaks down quickly into harmless byproducts

2010 Forest and Bird - '1080 FAQ' (retrieved 19/08/2010)

3. 1080 takes a long time to biodegrade, remaining toxic for weeks, or months, depending on the temperature, and how wet the environment is

4. 1080 is an effective way to control target species populations

2010 Forest and Bird - '1080 FAQ' (retrieved 19/08/2010)

4. 1080 is not an effective way to control target species populations

World League for the Protection of Animals - 1080 Poison (see 1080 Is Not An Effective Form Of Population Control)

5. A number of countries also use 1080
5. 1080 is only used in aerial drops in New Zealand, although it has limited use in other countries
6. 1080 was developed as a rodenticide

6. 1080 was developed as an insecticide


 Is reducing the risk of farm animals catching Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) from wildlife a good reason to use 1080?

1. Possums commonly carry TB

1. Possums seldom carry TB

2. Possums can infect farm animals with TB

 1999 NZ Vetinary Journal - 'A behaviour study on the potential for direct transmission of tuberculosis from possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) to alpacas (Lama pacos), and the converse from alpacas to possums'

2. It is unlikely or impossible for farm animals to catch TB from possums

2. 1080 is used on Aotearoa to protect the native bush.

2010 Forest and Bird - '1080 FAQ' (retrieved 19/08/2010)

2.The majority of 1080 used on Aotearoa is paid for by organisations wanting to stop wildlife spreading TB to stock

3. 1080 is the only effective way to stop TB infections spread to stock by wildlife

2009 Straight Furrow - 'In Support of 1080, Time to Speak Up?'
3. There are alternatives to 1080 for preventing TB in stock

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  • Further pro-1080 claims and links to research on efficacy can be found in a 2018 blog piece by pro-fluoridation campaigner Luke Oldfield

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