A while back, a fellow researcher introduced me to September Clues, and the accompanying CluesForum, the work of a loose network of media critics who assert that much of the audio-visual evidence of what happened at the World Trade Centre on September 11 was fake. having seen corporate media present lies and half-truths about almost every political campaign and protest activity I’ve ever been involved with (if they deign to cover it at all), I don’t struggle with the idea that some or all of the media product which represented 911 was misrepresented or even doctored. However, even for someone who is already highly suspicious of the official theory of 911, the claims the Clues crew make are hard to swallow. The September Clues video, although very thorough, is also extremely repetitive, dry, long, and very hard to watch beyond the first few minutes.

Recently, the same colleague convinced me to watch a chunk of another 911 conspiracy video called In Plane Sight. About half way through, the host plays what he claims is a news clip, one which is clearly fake. Go to 8:01 in this segment and have a look. Watch it again, without the sound, and take a good look at all the people, and what they are up to. Their body language, their focus of attention etc. Watch it again, with your hand over the portion of the screen that contains imagery of a smoking WTC tower. What do you see?

These people are tourists, and passers-by on an ordinary day. There is no sign that any of them have just witnessed an unprecedented terrorist attack, or anything out of the ordinary. Look at the lady on the right hand side, who buys some food, and wanders away. Look at the lady walking her dog, wandering away from the WTC. Look at the guy in the construction helmet, nonchalantly wandering away from the WTC. There is a guy rubbernecking with a pair of binoculars, but his body language looks more like than of a birdwatcher, than someone looking at a smoking skyscraper. The only thing in the video which gives that impression is the smoking tower in the background, and the screaming in the soundtrack, none of which, on closer examination, actually seems to be emanating from anyone in the video.

In fact, none of these people look hysterical, panicked, frightened, or even confused, and they are not jockeying to get a better view of the smoking tower in the background, or interacting with each other in any way that suggests that have just seen something shocking together. I could believe that the video is from just before the towers collapsed, almost an hour after the second tower was hit, and that people have by now calmed down, some of them deciding there’s nothing more to see. But how does this fit with the soundtrack of screaming, hysteria, and some woman ranting about how whatever she saw was “not American Airlines” (which is a weird thing for someone to fixate on under the circumstances, don’t you think?). It’s clear to me that the clip is a fake, and the smoke (at least) has been added after the footage was filmed.

What’s even more disturbing is that later, the host of In Plane Sight actively defends this obviously fake footage, running the last part through in slow-motion, and claiming that the food-buying lady is the one ranting about “American Airlines”. See 1:55 into part 5 of 6. Either this guy is very gullible, suffering from a major confirmation bias (”it must be real because it fits my pet theory”), or his crew have doctored this clip themselves. This clip has no watermark or other visible attribution, and the host never mentions its source (except “tv news”). I’m now convinced, from my own observations, that fake media is being passed off as real documentary evidence of the events of 911, at least in this case.

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