I’ve been looking for a better name for the ‘Drilling for Truth’ project for a while now. Although “drilling for truth” is an accurate enough description of what this project is about, it’s very similar to the name of TruthDig, and such a common phrase in online journalism it’s become something of a cliche.

CoSpiracy is, of course, a pun on “conspiracy”. It implies (I hope) a Cooperative (and Constructive) approach to investigating conSpiracy theories, or more specifically, controversial topics which are often the subject of them. I’ve spent a good chunk of today going through all the pages in this project, updating them with the new name, and tidying up various other things (fixing broken links etc).

Another major change is that, as of today, I’m (re)licensing the CoSpiracy project under version 4.0 of the CreativeCommons-Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC-BY-SA 4.0). One of the major changes with version 4.0 of the licenses is that the licenses have been thoroughly internationalized, so the country-specific versions - like the version 3.0 NZ license I originally applied to (what was then) Drilling for Truth - have been discontinued. Although older versions of CC licenses continue to apply forever unless the copyright owner decides to change to a newer version, the version 4.0 licenses are a major upgrade, and with the renaming of the project, it feels like a good time to move to a new, internationalized license.

Plus, as the sole contributor so far, I don’t need anyone else to agree to a license change, something that gets complicated when a wiki project has a lot of contributors who all retain copyright to their own work. Wikipedia had to hold a massive election before they could decide whether to stay with its original license, the GNU FDL (Free Documentation License), or dual-license with the very similar, but more common, CC-BY-SA. Another project which relicensed from the GNU FDL is PowerBase.info, the UK version of SourceWatch.org, who I just noticed switched to a CC license in 2013. At this stage it’s hard to tell which one, as the license statement at the bottom of the page (CC-BY-SA) is a different license from the one indicated by the license graphic (CC-NC-SA), which in turn is a different license from where the link is pointing (CC-BY-NC). I will email them today, pointing this out, and encouraging them to use the same license as SourceWatch, and our own ‘Who Said It?’ pages, so we easily copy and build on each others’ research.

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