In August last year, I announced that this project was being renamed from ‘Drilling for Truth’, the working title it started with. The new name I decided to try out was ‘CoSpiracy’, an obvious pun on the fact that many of the topics researched in this project are the subject of one or more conspiracy theories. As I said in the renaming announcement on the blog, the name was also intended to reference the cooperative approach I want to take to researching the claims documented here, in contrast to the scornful accusations like “anti-science” made by the self-styled “skeptics” who seem to pop up defending corporations and entire industries every time environmentalists and other activists criticize their practices.

After trying it on for size for a few months though, it’s become clear to me that this jocular name doesn’t fit the serious intent of the project. So, from today onwards, having checked that there are no significant existing websites using the name, I’m relieved to announce that this project will be retitled ‘CounterClaim’. This name drills right down to what distinguishes this project from the many others that cover similar topics, the particular claim/ counterclaim format that is used here to map out all sides of controversial issues, with reference to specific pieces of evidence.

Sometime in the next few days (all going well), or maybe weeks (if not so well), I will go back through the entire project, replacing ‘CoSpiracy’ with ‘CounterClaim’, and fixing any broken links etc. Watch this space.

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