“William De Berg” (Giordano Nanni) presents the Juice Rap News version of the New World Order power pyramid

With traditional outlets for journalism; newspapers, radio, and television, owned by an ever smaller handful of corporations and manipulated by the PR industry, and with even public service and academic institutions increasingly interpenetrated by corporations and their agendas, it becomes increasingly difficult to know which information source are reliable, if any. Even in this compromised situation though, we regularly discover that we have indeed been misled by the unholy trinity of governments, mass media, and corporate PR.

Little wonder that many people are becoming increasingly suspicious, and distrustful of “mainstream” discourse. If governments can lie to us about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, using the mass media as an uncritical public address system, how do we know they’re not lying about the events of 9/11, or climate change, or water fluoridation, or extraterrestrial contact, or bigfoot, or anything? Having experienced a sudden loss of faith in the honesty of mainstream institutions, an experience many refer to as “waking up”, people then have to decide which information sources they can trust, and what they should believe about the world.

It’s easy enough to simply assume, that whatever is being claimed by government, mass media, or corporations, the opposite is true. This approach, scoffingly referred to as “contrarian”, has obvious flaws. Sometimes mainstream institutions are forced to admit to the truth, perhaps because one of the few remaining investigative journalists has managed to expose their “orchestrated litany of lies”, such as Nicky Hagar’s work on The Hollow Men, or because of a whistleblower like Edward Snowden, or because a successful large-scale campaign by activist networks and uncorrupted academics has made official denials untenable, such as with climate change. In these cases, the contratrian impulse to believe the opposite rescues defeat from the jaws of victory, leaving people with this mindset vulnerable to corporate PR campaigns designed to undo the work of the journalists, whistleblowers, and activists.

If we can neither trust mainstream discourse, nor presume the opposite, where does that leave us? Ideally, we, the people, would work together, gathering evidence, and analyzing it to find out what is true. But decades of relying on professional “news” media to do that for us, and an education system which values vocational skills over critical thinking, has left most people unprepared for this.

What happens all too often is that we instead shift our uncritical faith from corporate media to a particular brand of alternative media; marxist, anarchist,  libertarian, environmentalist, primitivist, feminist, nationalist, fundamentalist etc. We learn the theories these networks substitute for the mainstream’s just-so-stories about how the world work, treat them as fact, and blame all the problems of the world on whichever boogieman goes with our chosen brand; capitalism, government, industry, civilization, patriarchy, globalists, feminism and so on. We waste time and energy arguing about which of these is “the truth”, not realizing that these are ideologies, frames of reference, and none of them can possibly be the whole truth of a complex, chaotic, and constantly changing world.

Defenders of the status quo exploit this, throwing names like “conspiracy theorist” or “tin-foil hat wearer” at anyone who questions any aspect of mainstream discourse, and recruiting us to throw them at each other. We have become so afraid of being written off as “conspiracy theorists” that we have started to do much of the information policing work of the state-corporate system for it. Our minds have become primed to switch off, and stop listening, whenever a person, text, or documentary uses one of an increasing number of key phrases, such as “new world order” or “imperialism”. We have been conditioned to ignore large chunks of the history of corporate capitalism, because we fear that the mere mention of the names of prominent historical capitalists such as “Rockerfeller” or “Rothchild” in a negative light, is closet anti-semitism, just as the military PR flaks claim any criticism of the Israeli state or the occupation of Palestine is a sign of anti-semitism.

We must overcome this collective self-censorship of alternative discourse, which allows the state-corporate system to divide-and-rule strategy anti-corporatist resistance. But we must also learn to respectfully criticize the theories and speculations which make us vulnerable to disinformation, and to follow the evidence to wherever it leads, whether the conclusions suits our biases or not.

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