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Claims and Counter-claims about Climate Change

Is the climate changing, and if so why?

1. The climate is changing.

1. The climate is not changing any more than it usually does

2. The climate is changing abnormally.

2. The climate is changing is keeping with natural cycles - SEPP FAQ
3. The climate is changing in response to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 3. The climate is changing in response to natural processes not involving greenhouse gases

4. The increase in "greenhouse gases" is being caused by human activity.

4. The increase in "greenhouse gases" is not being caused by human activity
5. The "greenhouse effect" is real, and under normal circumstances, keeps the earth warm enough to sustain life in its present form 5. The "greenhouse effect" is a hoax
6. The amount of water vapour (a greenhouse gas) in the air  increases as the planet is warmed by other greenhouse gases, but clouds also reflect sunlight, reducing greenhouse effect somewhat 6. The "greenhouse effect" is real, but water vapour is the most powerful greenhouse gas, not gases emitted by human activity
7. The study published in Nature offers tentative evidence for a causal link between cosmic rays, and cloud formation. However, since cosmic rays have not reduced during the recent period of global temperature rise, even a proven link between cosmic rays and cloud formation would have no implications for theories about the causes of climate change.

7. The increase in global temperature is being caused by cosmic rays, which increase cloud formation, not by carbon emissions.

8. The temperature increases in the years since the first IPCC report fall within the predictions in that report 8. The temperature increases in the years since the first IPCC report do not fall within the predictions in that report.

9. Human activity emits more than a hundred times more carbon dioxide than all valcanoes, both on land and undersea.

2011 Gerlach, Terry, 'Volcanic versus anthropogenic carbon dioxide'

9. Volcanoes emit more carbon dioxide than human activity.


Do we need an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and will carbon trading mechanisms help?

 1. We need an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions

1. We don't need an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions

2. Carbon trading mechanisms create financial incentives to continue emitting, as much as disincentives 2. Carbon trading mechanisms will create financial incentives to minimize greenhouse gas emissions


Renewable Energy

 1. Renewable energy sources may not be sufficient to supply all our current energy needs, but we need to transition to them anyway.
 1. All renewable energy sources, put together, are not enough to supply all the energy we need.
 2. We urgently need to transition all our energy use to renewable sources.  2. There is no hurry to move towards renewable sources of energy.
 3. Nuclear fission is not a renewable source of energy, because it also comes from finite mineral resources, available in only a few places, that need to be mined and transported huge distances.
 3. Nuclear fission is a renewable source of energy,

 Points of Interest

  • Debate on Sodahead blog between a group of committed climate change challengers, and a commenter called Icarus who patiently ignores their ad hominem attacks, and answers each one of their claims with facts, graphs, and references
  • Global Warming & Climate Change Myths (SkepticalScience.com) documents a number of claims made against anthropogenic climate change, and the counterclaims, linked to scientific evidence for them
  • In late 2007 ClimateDebateDaily.com was established by US-born arts philosopher and climate change "skeptic" Dennis Dutton+ , co-founder of the NZ Skeptics , and Douglas Campbell, a philosophy of science lecturer who was found the evidence for anthropogenic global warming convincing. The original site was funded by a grant from Dr. Peter Farrell, a fellow climate "skeptic" and owner of medical equipment company ResMed. Since Dutton's death in 2010, the "skeptic" role on the site has been take up by Patrick Whittle. Whittle "accepts that there is solid evidence for anthropogenic global warming, but is skeptical of many of the political proposals for remedying its possible impact." Dr Farrell continues to fund the site, and remains a committed AGW "skeptic", despite the fact nobody could be found to argue that case in Dutton's place.
  • Steve Goreham, an electrical engineer and businessman, and Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, gave a talk entitled 'Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy', posted on the "Friends of Science" channel in 2017.

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