• Common Law

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Uncontested Facts about Common Law

  • Common Law is part of the British legal system, and is older than Parliament, and the statute law it administrates
  • 'Commonwealth' states like Canada and New Zealand derive their legal system from the British system
  • In a number of countries governed by Commonwealth states, a 'Freeman-on-the-Land' movement has arisen, where people use common law to defend themselves against a perceived erosion of basic rights by the state
  • The 'Claim of Right' is a long-established common law defence, and is acknowledged in New Zealand statute law in the Crimes Act 1961

Claims and Counterclaims about Common Law

 The Status of Common Law in Aotearoa/ New Zealand

 1. The New Zealand State is controlled by a US corporation called 'Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand'

 1. The New Zealand State is an independent, sovereign nation-state

2. The Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 allows tangata whenua to protect land from being confiscated as payment of debts.

2. The Ture Whenua crowd are nuts


 Points of Interest

  • Dan Greenman runs a website documenting his experiences asserting his common law rights in his interactions with police and other agents of the NZ state
  • The common law Claim of Right was successfully used to defend three men who symbolically damaged the GCSB spy base at Waihopai