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Sociopathic Corporations?

It's one thing to have a human being in control of a system, a human being at least has some ethics, some moral responsibility. When the only thing to answer to is the laws of the land, and an overriding directive to make money, how long before human rights and the environment go out the window? It takes morality to care, and an entity that is free from morality will not care.

It is ridiculous to expect that a multinational corporation will truly care about an issue such as mining, or the employment of (almost) slave labour, half as much as you or the person who lives down the street from you, there simply is no one there to care, and only shareholders who don't really mind where the money comes from so long as it flows.

Thus, I make the case, and this case has also been made by others, that the corporation without human control is a sociopathic entity, doing anything within limits for more money. One only has to look at Nike and shoes, BP and the methods of cleaning up the oilspill, there are countless examples of corporations playing within the law but outside of any normal human morality.

- Baboeska (moved from the original D4T pages on the Disintermedia wiki)