• Daniel Ryan

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According to the MSoF website, "Daniel Ryan is from Wellington and works as a developer lead at CricHQ. He is a co-founder and president of Making Sense of Fluoride , a technical lead/committee member for the NZ Skeptics and a co-founder of the Society for Science Based Healthcare . He also spends his free time carrying out skeptical activism." Ryan is the listed on the NZ Skeptics site at the Technology Officer, and presumably maintains the websites for the Skeptics and their front groups.

Fluoridation Agenda

Defending MsOF in response to criticism from an anti-fluoridationist, he says "We have no “fluoridation agenda”. I can’t speak for the rest, but personally I’m pro-science so I hate to see misinformation and I don’t want to see unnecessary suffering from children. If you call that an agenda, so be it." This statement implies an unquestionable assumption that defending fluoridation prevents children suffering, rather than causing it. If some assumed the opposite as an axiomatic truth not subject to scientific testing, Ryan would no doubt identify this as a clear sign of an agenda. The inability to identify and question his own assumptions is plain to see, and truly sad in someone who calls himself a "skeptic".