• Dr Ken Perrott

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Dr Ken Perrott is an atheist blogger who has worked as a bio-chemist and soil scientist for the DSIR (Chemistry Division and Soil Bureau), MAF, MAFTech and AgResearch. His Open Parachute blog, started in 2007, can be found on WordPress.com and at SciBlogs.co.nz, a project of the Science Media Centre .

Promoting Water Fluoridation

Considering that the majority of the chemicals used in water fluoridation in Aotearoa come from the toxic waste of the fertilizer industry, and they'd lose a huge pot of public money every year if it was stopped, asking a retired fertilizer chemist what they think about fluoride is a bit like asking a retired mining geologist what they think about climate change. True to form, Dr Perrott is a well-known pro-fluoridationist, and a member and scientific advisor of the NZ Skeptics pro-fluoride front group Making Sense of Fluoride . A huge number of his blog pieces push this agenda, accusing anyone who disagrees with his interpretations as "anti-science".

Attacking the "Natural/Alternative Health Industry"

Dr Perrot, like his friends in the NZ Skeptics / Society for Science Based Healthcare , has a strong antipathy to the '"natural/alternative health industry". Despite having no evidence to support this claim, he likes to accuse anti-fluoridation activists of being paid shills for the industry. For example, in a series of blog posts this year, in February, September 9, September 28, and probably others, he claims New Health NZ+ and its parent body The New Zealand Health Trust+ are "the lobby group for the “natural”/alternative health industry in New Zealand and is financed by that industry." This is a key message that he repeats again and again. The "evidence" he offers is income/ expense statements for the two organisations, which prove nothing of the sort, merely showing that there is money coming and going out of both groups. When this is pointed out by a supporter, he claims that "the evidence suggests it". What evidence? The closest he can come up with is to point to another blog piece showing only that lots of the people willing to publicly identify themselves as opposed to fluoride also happen to be natural health practitioners.

This is classic PR, make an attack claim about an evil "industry" lurking behind public interest activism, present evidence that doesn't actually prove it, then re-state the claim as proof of itself, and attack anyone who questions it. These kind of tactics began with the tobacco industry, who like to smear public health advocates who oppose smoking by claiming they are part of a "Tobacco Control Industry". In more recent history, here in Aotearoa, people opposed to Māori being compensated for breaches of Te Tiriti o Waitangi accused Māori of being part of a "grievance industry". If there's an industry funding activism around fluoride, I'd be more inclined to suspect the fertilizer and chemicals industry, including Ballance Agri-Nutrients and Orica NZ, who exchange their toxic waste for millions of public health dollars every year thanks to water fluoridation.