• Genetic Modification

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Uncontested Facts about Genetic Modification

  • Genetic Modification (GM) or Genetic Engineering (GE) refers to techniques for altering the genome of living things other than by natural breeding
  • A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is a living thing which has had genes from other, unrelated species, inserted into its genome.

Claims and Counterclaims about Genetic Modification

 1. opposition to GM food plants and animals is based on an anti-science moral panic

 1.There are sound scientific reasons to be sceptical about GM food plants and animals

 2. GM is promoted because of the many benefits it can bring to people and the environment 2. GM is promoted mainly because it allows living things to be treated as inventions, and patented, increasing corporate control of the world food supply
3. GMOs brought to market so far have realised many of the potential benefits of GM
3. GMOs brought to market so far have failed to realise any of the claimed benefits of GM
4. Golden Rice(TM) is an ideal solution to the problem of vitamin A deficiency in poor countries

4. Vitamin A is found in a range of common foods, including most green, leafy vegetables, which can all be grown more easily by poor farmers than a proprietary variety of rice


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