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Uncontested Facts about HIV-AIDS

  • HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 
  • The term AIDS was coined in 1982, after it was acknowledged that around half those diagnosed with GRID (Gay-Related Immune Disease) were not homosexual men. 

Claims and Counterclaims about HIV-AIDS 

 Diagnosis and Treatment

 1. AIDS is the final stage of the illness caused by the HIV virus

 1. AIDS is not caused exclusively by the HIV virus

a) AIDS is the result of a combination of HIV and other immune-suppressing factors such as poverty

b) susceptibility to both AIDS and HIV is caused by other factors, leading to the frequent correlation between them.

2. Sexual transmission of HIV is the predominant cause of AIDS

2.The predominant cause of AIDS is not the sexual transmission of HIV

3. Evidence of HIV is found in all cases of AIDS. 3. Evidence of HIV is not found in all cases of AIDS.

 4. Anti-retroviral drugs effectively improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with HIV-AIDS

2000 Kaplan JEHanson DDworkin MSFrederick TBertolli JLindegren MLHolmberg SJones JLEpidemiology of human immunodeficiency virus-associated opportunistic infections in the United States in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy. 

4. Anti-retroviral drugs no not significantly improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with HIV or AIDS
5. Proverty reduction is irrelevant to the medical response to HIV-AIDS in the global south. 5. Poverty reduction would significantly reduce the incidence of HIV-AIDS in the global south.



1. The AIDS epidemic formally began in 1982, when GRID (Gay-Related Immune Disease) was renamed AIDS, after it was acknowledged that half those diagnosed with GRID were not homosexual men.   1. The first cases of AIDS were documented in Africa 1982

2. HIV-AIDS is a mutation of the SIV virus of African primates

2006 Fran van Heuverswyn et al, Human immunodeficiency viruses: SIV infection in wild gorillas

 2. HIV-AIDS was created by a biological warfare research program called the Special Virus Cancer Program, funded by the US military
 3. HIV-AIDS occurred naturally in the human population.  3. HIV-AIDS was introduced into human population as part of a conspiracy.


Public Figures Associated With AIDS Research

1. Dr Robert Gallo is a medical researcher, co-discovered of the HIV virus, and one of the first to discover that HIV causes AIDS. 1. Dr Robert Gallo was a contractor involved in the Special Virus Cancer Program, and poached credit for the discovery of HIV from a co-operative French team who sent him their samples.
2. Dr Mathilde Krim, founder of AIDS Medical Foundation and Founding Chairman of AMFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research), worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel from 1953 to 1959, researching cytogenetics and cancer-causing viruses. 2. Dr Mathilde Krim was a contractor involved in the Special Virus Cancer Program. 
3. Professor Garth L. Nicolson is the President and Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California. 3. Dr Garth Nicholson was a contractor involved in the Special Virus Cancer Program. 
4. Dr Robert Ball Jr. discovered the first case of AIDS in South Carolina in 1982

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