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Making Sense of Fluoride Inc. is a front group of the NZ Skeptics , set up to defend fluoridation by attacking anti-fluoride groups on FaceBook and in the news media. Their 'About' page says as much "our main aim is to counter much of the misinformation on the internet and print media related to community water fluoridation. We are a combination of students, academics and medical professionals advocating that this significant public health initiative be maintained in Australasia given the longstanding scientific consensus on its safety and efficacy." Their "news" blog, consisting of press releases that reiterate common pro-fluoridationist key messages and strawman arguments; "commie plot", anti-fluoride groups "not credible", the science is settled etc, in a style strongly reminiscent of the pro-biotech lobby group the Life Sciences Network .

Retracted Papers

Their website also includes a list of retracted peer-reviewed papers that appear to support anti-fluoride conclusions. As of September 2016, every paper they list was retracted for technical reasons relating to "publication policy" or "copyright reasons". In none of the cases they list does the retraction message suggest that anything in the papers was scientifically inaccurate or misleading, although this is what MSoF imply by listing them.

People Involved

Although an Incorporated Society requires 15 members to be registered, only two members are named on the MSoF website; Daniel Ryan , the NZ Skeptics Technology Officer, and Dr Ken Perrot, a former fertilizer chemist and well-known pro-fluoridationist who blogs at Open Parachute. On the website of the Society for Science Based Healthcare , one of the committee members, Mark Honeychurch+ , is listed as the Treasurer of MSoF, as well as the Chair of NZ Skeptics . MSoF has featured as least one guest blog from Chris Price , who pops up regularly wherever fluoridation is being discussed online.

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