• National Fluoride Information Service

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The National Fluoride Information Service (NHIS) was publicly-funded, pro-fluoridation lobby group. According to Daniel Ryan of Making Sense of Fluoride , their funding was ended in January 2015, before which it has been operating as "a consortium funded by the Ministry of Health (MoH). Led by Regional Public Health, it also includes the Hutt Valley DHB Community Dental Services, Environmental Science and Research, Centre for Public Health Research at Massey University and the National Poisons Centre". It appears that at one time it was based at the Hutt Valley District Health Board. According to Fluoride Free NZ , NCIS was "set up in 2011 under Wellington’s Regional Public Health. The NFIS were given a $1.2 million budget supposedly to provide unbiased information on fluoridation in New Zealand."

Public Relations

They regularly put out heavily slanted press releases, through PR consultants Four Winds Communications, accusing anti-fluoridations of "pseudo-science" and having an inclination to "bamboozle". The phlegmatic style and lack of substantive content are reminiscent of biotech industry front group Life Sciences Network .

People Involved

Dr Stephen Palmer, Medical Officer of Health for NHIS, and a former board member of the Hutt Valley District Health Board