• Peak Oil

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Uncontested Facts about 'Peak Oil'

Claims and Counter-Claims about 'Peak Oil'


1. Eventually the global extraction rate of oil will peak, and tail off, because oil is a fossil fuel, which takes millions of years to form. 1. World oil extraction will never peak because oil is abiotic, constantly forming beneath the Earth's crust, and injected into the crust through "deep faults". See this article written by J. F. Kenney of the Gas Resources Corporation
2. Oil extraction in the continental USA peaked in the 1970s 2. Oil extraction in the continental USA did not peak in the 1970s
3. Geologist M. King Hubbert accurately predicted this 1970s USA peak 3. Hubbert's prediction of the USA extraction peak was not accurate

 4. World oil extraction is at or near peak,  as of 2010

 4. World oil extraction will not peak until after 2030 (2008, MarketMatch on International Energy Agency report)

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