• Sapere Research Group

last modified March 15, 2019 by strypey

Sapere is "one of the largest expert services firms in Australasia", with offices in Australia and the USA (Seattle, Washington, and Washington DC). It has acquired a number of smaller companies, including Lands Energy, led by Steve Fisher and Steve Lewis. 

According to their website:

"We build and maintain effective relationships as demonstrated by the volume of repeat work. Many of our experts have held leadership and senior management positions and are experienced in navigating complex relationships in government, industry, and academic settings."

This sounds  like a bit like the government-industry revolving door syndrome, where bureaucrats move from back and forth between positions with regulators, to positions in industry. This can include positions in "consultancies" whose reports are often commissioned or referenced by regulators. Sapere have been involved in a range of NZ projects, such as the their fluoridation report promoted by the NZ Ministry of Health, their reports on health care in Otago, their involvement in the proposed extension of the airport at Rongotai airport, and their report on the potential for hydrogen production in Queenstown.