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Who Said It?

This resource is a set of pages on the people who are regularly quoted in the New Zealand news media, or whose names appear regularly in public discussions of certain topics. The pages documenting their background, and hopefully expose any bias or conflicts of interest that shape their public statements. For now, this list is sorted by the topic the person's comments usually address. Each category is sorted alphabetically, with individuals sorted according to their last name.

Disclaimer: Being included on this list is not in itself a criticism of any person or organization. It includes those I (Strypey) tend to disagree with, and others I tend to agree with. While I do my best to provide fact-checked information, with references to my sources, I am only human, and some editorializing may creep in. More contributors are welcome, and if they have a different range of opinions from mine, this may help achieve the intended neutrality of both Who Said It and CounterClaim pages.

Like the rest of the CounterClaim site, 'Who Said It?' is licensed under a CreativeCommons license (CC-BY-SA 4.0). It was inspired by SourceWatch.org, maintained by the Centre for Media and Democracy, which is also licensed under CC-BY-SA (and to some degree and its UK counterpart PowerBase.info, initiated by SpinWatch). Over time, I intend to pull copies of NZ-related articles from SourceWatch and Powerbase onto this wiki, and contributors to those projects are invited to incorporate any useful information from these pages into their wiki.


Agribusiness (Biotech, Farming Chemicals, Factory Farming etc)


Food and Health

Digital Technology

Disaster Capitalism (Arms, Reconstruction etc)

News Media

Recreation (Gambling, Drugs, Adventure Tourism etc)

Public Relations and Security


Think Tanks

Toxics (Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals etc)

Water Fluoridation

Improvement Notes

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