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Welcome to the Coactivate page for the Dunedin TimeBank. All current and prospective members of the Dunedin TimeBank are welcome to browse through the information available here. However, this is not our main website. Please see our community weaver homepage for information about how to join the TimeBank. Coactivate is an organising tool that the committee uses to keep track of what we are working on, and as on online repository for our useful documents.

Recent Events in 2016 


Possible Projects for 2014

  • Review our 2013 Goals and celebrate our great progress! and plan/brainstorm new goals for 2014
  • Training and induction session for new Committee members. This could include a training session on how to get the most out of Coactivate. 
  • Review the list of Coordinator's roles and Committee roles.
  • Review our membership form and sign up process - What's working well? What might we change?
  • Speak to a lawyer (at community law centre?) about insurance, and public liability, keeping in mind that when people tick 'yes' to the terms and conditions on Community Weaver, they accept that the timebank takes no liability.
  • Vision a new way forward for the Committee - including a new name? (Advisory board, Steering Group, Timebank Champions?) fun projects, more social time, clearly defined roles and shared project goals. 
  • Create a new roster for the committee. This includes the dates for committee meetings for the whole year, and next to each meeting the name of the person who will be the Meeting Champion, and the Minutes Magician. Also, next to each month write the name of the person who will be the weekly contact person for Liz. Make sure all committee members have a printed copy of this roster if they want one, or they know where to find this information on Coactivate. The 2013 roster, which can be used as a template (it is a word doc) is uploaded on the Steering Committee page. It was very helpful to have this roster in 2013.


Our Vision

The Dunedin TimeBank vision is for Dunedin to have thriving communities where diverse people happily share an abundance of knowledge, resources and skills with each other to create a safe, friendly, healthy and just environment where all feel valued.

Our Mission

The Dunedin TimeBank mission is to strengthen communities by building relationships through providing opportunities to exchange skills, services and support.


Current Projects (March 2013)

  • Creating a new Mailing List for sending out Dunedin TimeBank news and events. DONE! Here's the link for where people go to sign up to our mailing list. The same link exists on our CW homepage also.
  • Creating a Minutes Archive, a collection of the minutes of our committee meetings. DONE! Emma put together all of the minutes that she had collected from previous meetings and handed the whole set to Liz who has copied these digital files on to the computer she is using at Malcam Trust.
  • Shared Coordinators Roles - we have assigned specific tasks to the committee and other keen volunteers, to drive the timebank forward. DONE! We created these roles, which worked quite well, and then began revising them when Liz came on board. Click on the link at start of this bullet point for more info.
  • Orientation Materials DONE! including handouts for new members, and a check-list for things to discuss at any orientation event.

     So far we have created:

    • Community Weaver FAQ - which guides new members (and coordinators) through the online sign-up process
    • Welcome Sheet for New Members 
    • Membership application form (Liz has a copy of the digital file)
    • Welcome pack with heaps of great information (Liz has a copy of the digital file)
  • Funding - we are actively working on external and internal fund-raising opportunities. DONE! We did very well to receive the funding that we were granted in 2013.


Recently Completed Projects (March/April 2013)

  • Appointment of a part time Coordinator
  • North East Valley Meet-Up


Useful websites


Dunedin TimeBank on Community Weaver - where all the trading happens

Dunedin TimeBank on Facebook

Our Google Group - an archive of all of the email conversations to date between the Dunedin TimeBank Committee members. You need to be a member to read the archives.

For general enquiries, or to get in touch with the committee please write to: dunedintimebank@gmail.com

Permablitz Otago and the BareFoote Gardener


There are now 26 active timebanks across Aotearoa New Zealand (here's a map showing their locations). These range from small groups just getting started, to the Lyttelton Timebank which has more than 450 members. Several other New Zealand timebanks now have around 200 members. In Dunedin we have 50 members.

TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand (TBANZ) for resources, national events, and information about how to join the national skype calls for Timebank co-ordinators

New Zealand Shared Timebank Resources (brochures, membership forms etc. shared nationally through Google Docs)

Lyttelton Timebank

Wellington Timebank

loom.io - for national decision-making between Timebanks (still in the testing phase)

Living Economies (Living Economies Educational Trust) - for wonderful reading material on Timebanks and many other forms of local currencies. They also have a great online book and DVD store dedicated to literature in the area of community currencies, and 'green economics'.



List of Alternative Currency Software (that Timebanks can use instead of Community Weaver, some of these are free)

Time Banking software developed for use with mobile phones, for Rushey Green TimeBank in London, UK

TimeBanks USA

Time Banking UK

   (not TimeBank UK which, confusingly, is about volunteering and not about time banking)


Time Banking Research Blogs

One Whistle One Bell (James O'Flynn, setting up a Timebank in the UK)

Researching Time Banking Across Aotearoa New Zealand (Emma McGuirk, PhD student at the University of Otago)


This project was set up on CoActivate to help the Dunedin TimeBank Committee get more organised. We are also using the wiki to collate and store our resources.

Other Timebanks are welcome to download and use these resources with the exception of our logos.