My current high level goal is to test and finalize the overall export-and-import process by:

  1. Cloning to a new site with a copy of the database, and running the master export script to produce a complete export
  2. Building a clean opencore site with an empty database, and running the master import script to recreate the content from
  3. Fixing things that break in either the export or the import process
  4. Testing the imported site and taking note of missing content or things that didn’t import cleanly (e.g. logins or permissions not working)
  5. Updating the cloned code with my fixes
  6. Repeating steps 2-5 until the export-and-import process seems to be complete to my satisfaction
  7. Asking Pierre and others to test the imported site and try to spot errors


When this is done, we’ll be able to do a final export-and-import of all content from the live site.


This week I:

  • Reviewed the open export/import tickets at
  • Built a new-opencore-site on the openfsm server .. ugh this was hard and messy.  Fassembler refuses to adequately pin virtualenv and pip to versions old enough to support py24 so I basically had to throw out fassembler and build opencore by hand.  Lots of problems here but I seem to finally have it more or less working — at least, Zope is installed.  Will find more problems as I go.
  • Started to copy openfsm’s Data.fs to the backup site … but ran out of space on disk.  Need to ask Dimo for help here.
  • Started to copy openfsm’s Data.fs to my local computer.


My goals for next week are to:

  1. Finish copying openfsm’s Data.fs to the backup site.  When this is done, I’ll restart zeo, wait a while for its indexes to be rebuilt, restart zope, and continue debugging the build — I’m sure I don’t have ZCMLLoader properly set up for example, so the opencore plugin packages won’t be properly installed yet.
  2. Finish debugging the build until I have a fully working clone
  3. Run the master export script to produce a “first draft” of a complete export, and fix any errors that spring up along the way
  4. Fix the fassembler build so that I can reliably build a new site without doing all this work by hand — I’m going to need to build a lot of fresh opencore sites to test the import process, which will be much slower if I don’t have a working automated build
  5. Build a clean opencore site with the working automated fassembler build

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