Here’s my current draft of what the openfsm migration procedure will involve:

  1. Build new opencore site
  2. During build, enter the admin password from the live site’s $VAR/admin.txt
  3. After build, manually set new site properties in a debug shell per
  4. On old site, run a full export of all projects
  5. Shut off old site, turn on “Down for Maintenance” page 
  6. On old site, export all members (including member wikis and wiki attachments, member logos, and member account notifications)
  7. On old site, export all site news (including wiki history and attachments)
  8. On old site, incrementally re-export all site projects
  9. On new site, import all members
  10. On new site, import all news
  11. On new site, import all projects
  12. On new site, clear and rebuild all catalogs (maybe handled in project import script)
  13. Test
  14. Turn on new site
Filed November 3rd, 2013 under openfsm