Last problem … the build needs to download two large tarballs (Zope, and opencore’s Plone Product bundle) from, which is a Github Pages site.  It seems that Github has decided to throttle downloads aggressively from the server I’m building on: both downloads get 20-80% complete and then hang indefinitely, whether I’m using the fassembler build code or wget.  So I had to download the tarballs to my local computer, scp them to the server, put them in the root of the build directory, and then convince fassembler not to re-download them.  I haven’t yet cleaned up & committed the code for this one — I just edited it locally to comment out the download logic — so I’ll circle back to it before my next rebuild.

Next rebuild in progress but I haven’t circled back to it yet.  :-(  I need to fix this. 

Filed January 26th, 2014 under openfsm, opencore

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