In one week, February 7th-11th, the Seattle Plone Users Group will be hosting the first Emerald Sprint off the beautiful Puget Sound on Camano Island, Washington.  The Emerald Sprint follows in the spirit of the Cioppino Sprints of 2011 and 2012, carrying on the tradition of West Coast sprinting.  Developers, interface designers, and integrators will be joining us from not only the west and east coasts, but as far away as Argentina and England.

The focus of the Emerald Sprint will be on rounding out Dexterity.  As Plone’s next generation content type architecture, we will be working to improve its through the web interface, and add greater feature parity with Archetypes in order to bridge the gap between filesystem and through the web package development.

As a strategic sprint, we are looking forward to building Dexterity’s foundation and hope to see many of you in the #sprint channel on irc.  Come and check out our headquarters on the Emerald Sprint Coactivate page as well as our goals for Dexterity.  If you are interested in helping out financially, please visit our Chipin page.

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