Man, I had all these cute NPR pledge-drive-themed references ready, but now I won’t get to use them…  You guys took only 5 days to help us reach our Chipin goal!  Doesn’t it feel good, though? 

Once again the Plone community proves what we’ve known all along, namely how committed its members are to supporting each other in continuously improving its platform.

Thanks to these generous individuals, we have pulverized our goal for Emerald Sprint, and will have all the financial resources we need to make this a sprint for the history books:

  • Christopher Calloway
  • Ryan “Donald” Foster
  • Silvio Tomatis
  • Dan Jacka
  • Philip Bauer
  • Roel Bruggink
  • Asko Soukka
  • Ian Hood
  • Ulrich Stockschlaeder
  • Jesse Snyder
  • Martin Opstad Reistadbakk 

Thank you! 

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