In our upcoming Emerald Sprint we are going to hit the ground running, and a week from now Plone 5 will be much closer to reality.  I hope you all got a chance to go over David’s blog post last week.  Now it’s time to fire up our engines and run the buildout we will be using.  I am posting this on our blog, because thanks to the awesome work done at all previous sprints, the Plone 5 coredev buildout is in the cleanest shape I’ve ever seen a Plone buildout.  And so other Plonistas might enjoy giving our current Plone 5 a whirl.

Sprinters, this is a just a little prep work that will make our Sprint go that much more smoothly.  Please have this buildout ready before you even leave home to come to Seattle.  I had no issue whatsoever when I ran it, and was excited to see Plone 5 running on localhost.  If you run into any problem, let us know, and we’ll sort it out.


First, create a virtualenv (this is something I do every time I start any project, it’s nice to have as much isolation as possible).  The clone buildout.coredev from github, and switch to the 5.0 branch.  Bootstrap it, and run buildout.  That should be it!

> virtualenv emeraldsprint
> cd emeraldsprint
> source bin/activate
> git clone
> cd buildout.coredev
> git checkout -t origin/5.0
> python
> bin/buildout

Now start Zope and bask in the glory of zero warnings!

> bin/instance fg 

 Finally, just a word on our fundraising campaign:  we are only 20% away from our goal!  If every core contributor gave even just $1, I’m sure we would fly well past the goal.  Every donation helps, no matter how small!


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