I worked with Franco Pellegrini, Chris Calloway, Cris Ewing, Eric Steele, and Liz Leddy to move Plone’s login to a more modern z3c.form based implementation. The first part of this process was to discover and document the parts that needed to be updated. From this, we decided to create a html based prototype before actually getting down to coding. This planning allowed us to determine what the major tasks were, and what could be done later. 



Note that we’ve included external auth sources right on the login view. Additionally, links for help and new account sign up are easy to find. External auth is not yet implemented. The login implementation is working, but may not handle all the cases that the current login functionality has.




Two things to note is the ability to use an external source for your registration and the gray bars at the bottom is the password strength indicator. Both of these are not yet implemented.  

Login Help:


 The login help form has been stubbed out but needs a full implementation.

Logout, Insufficient Privileges, Request Access have all been implemented, but require further attention. Desired improvements to the login system include a way for integrators to easily include their own organization’s custom password policy.


To see it in action follow the instructions to get the Plone 5 cordev buildout working, then run  

./bin/buildout -c  plips/plipNNNN-new-login-flow.cfg









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