It’s been a few weeks since the conclusion of the Emerald Sprint.  Steve has already provided an excellent account of the work we did and I just want to add a little to that. 

First, I have to say sprinting is awesome. So much goes on at a sprint beyond straight up coding: friendship, mentorship, and knowledge percolate and take hold in no other fashion I’ve experienced before. If you have an opportunity to join a sprint, do so as you won’t regret it!

Working with Ian Anderson and Steve McMahon was great. We were able to take and re-factor the existing work done to make user data schema editable through the web, and allow it to be updated via Generic Setup with package installation. But there is still some work to be done: 

  • Currently, image and file fields do not properly store or reference their file objects. 
  • We need the ability to break the required fullname into a computed field based on firstname, middlenames and lastname fields (which also need to be reorderable due to regional differences).

Before signing off, I’d like to take a moment to thank Fulvio for bearing the brunt of organizing and managing the sprint. Sally also deserves a round of applause for taking charge of the dining logistics and to those that provided their expertise in the kitchen (Sally, Ross, Spanky, Liz, Fulvio, Cris, and Franco) to sustain the sprinters. Just ask any of the sprinters about Franco’s Tuco sauce, Sally’s oyster pasta, Spanky’s salsa and guacamole, or Ross’ fabled Aviation.  There really needs to be a Sprinter’s Cookbook for future endeavors.

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