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last modified March 14, 2014 by cbc

Create New Member Registration and Login Control Panel

Security Control Panel

Currently in Security Control Panel:

  • Enable self-registration
  • Select own password
  • Enable user folders
  • View "about" information
  • Email address as login
  • UUID as user id

Change to Member Registration and Login Control Panel and:

  • Make "about" fields granularly viewable by which users (admin, members, anonymous)
  • Email address as login and UUID as user id both on by default

Users and Groups

  • Remove Setting
  • By default require search instead of displaying users unless using Plone users and 20 users or less (heuristic configurable in registry).
  • Move member registration tab to the renamed security control panel (renamed fo Member Registration

New Fields

  • Configure text of user registration email
  • Configure text of password reset email
  • Use Captcha and which captcha
  • Separate topic: what fields in user profile (dexterity editor)
  • Where to redirect after login?

Author Form

Change to "Member Profile":

Author Page

Member Fields:

  • Admin chooses which field may be shown on profile
  • User sets privacy for each field

Entry Paths:

  • Member search should link to member profile and member area if enabled
  • Byline, if enabled
  • Personal menu (instead of Preferences link)

Profile Security