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last modified March 14, 2014 by cbc

Pros and Cons of Transitioning to Users as Content
 Pros  Cons (and which of the following are a result of assuming all users from an external source should be treated as defacto members of the site?)
 Same tools / API for dealing with content
 Time to index / catalog overhead
 Ability to query users as content
 Navigation issues
Ability to search users as / with content
 Getting update from external user source
 Ability to workflow users / users have workflow state
Complexity / size of task
 Ability to create permissions on users / fence users to permissions
 Backwards compatibility with pre-existing applications
 Memberdata integrates with user
 Way to designate members from potential members in an external source
 If using email address as login, and login changes, then the redirector already works.
 What user owns a user if user in content?