• Feed Me - Installation Instructions

last modified August 26, 2008 by anilm

To install the "Feed Me" plugin on your wordpress blog:

  1.  Download the attached file "Feed Me Plugin Version 0.3"
  2. Unzip this downloaded attachment into /wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Navigate to Settings >> Feed Me  ( or in general http://location-of-wordpress-blog.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=feed_me.php).   You should see a screen such as this:



5.   Enter the number of feeds that you like to display on your blog, and then click "Update Options".  The resulting screen should look like this:

options form


6.  Fill in the "Feed Title" (optional), "Feed URL", and "Feed Size", input fields for each of the feeds and click "Update Options".  The resulting screen will

     look like this:




7.  Under each feed you will see a code snippet like this one:

    <?php feed_me_display_feed('feed_me_0::flickr'); ?>

     Paste this code into your Wordpress theme to start displaying the RSS feed.

 8.  To manage your Feeds, visit this page: Manage >> Feed Me  ( or in general http://location-of-wordpress-blog.com/wp-admin 

       /edit.php?page=feed_me.php).  From this page you can manually exclude items from each of your feeds.  You can also feature an entry from a feed. 

      Simply click the radio button next to the feed item you want to feature, optionally fill in a title and caption, and click save changes:




9.  To display the featured feed item on your blog, include the following code in your theme:


         <?php feed_me_display_feature(); ?>