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This Plone sprint will focus on PLIP (Plone improvement proposal) to remove the concept of default pages and make all content types folderish. Sprint will follow the Plone UK Meetup (http://plone.org/events/community/plone-uk-meetup) to be held in London.


The motivation is to make Plone more intuitive, require less training for first time users and to reduce the effort of editing for experienced users. The concepts of default pages and folders are easy to understand if you move from editing static HTML websites but this is increasingly rare. There has been a general agreement from the UI team about the idea of removal of default pages.



Friday 31th January and Saturday 1st February 2014, more info soon.



Central London, UK.

White conduit st, Islington, London. Just off chappel market. Ring Virginia on +447985731861 for further details.

We may also use this hangout for remote participation depending on bandwidth as well as #sprint on irc

For now we can use https://github.com/collective/collective.tinymcetiles to coordinate tasks and buildout 



  • Dylan Jay, Pretaweb (remotely)
  • Jure Cerjak, Termitnjak
  • Gabrijel Peršin, Termitnjak
  • Vanč Levstik, Termitnjak (remotely)
  • Natan Žabkar, Termitnjak (remotely)
  • ...

Sprint topics

PLIP: Remove default pages

Remove the concepts of Folder, collection and default page from Plone, instead all content types will be folderish. This will make Plone easier to use and easier to learn.This is partial step towards the full deco implementation. It includes replacing collections and folders with a single Page type. Tiles will be introduced however no grid system is introduced and the way content is edited and laid out doesn’t change. How titles, portlets, sharing and content rules are improved to include the “at this level only” functionality.

More about it here: Google docs document

Some specific tasks include

  • Create a video of folderless plone inc doing collections as tiles
  • Get collective.tinymcetiles working well with 4.3
  • Improve tinymcetiles to get a wysiwyg preview of a tile
  • Work on listing lile implementation and alias tile implementation. (listingtile already exists)
  •  Create a Folderish page type
  • Work on portlets changes to allow portlets applied to page only
  • Work on sharing changes to allow sharing page only. 



If you have any questions, please send an email to Jure (jcerjak (at) termitnjak.si) or Gabrijel (gabriel.persin (at) termitnjak.si).