Say you have a youth group, a women’s ministry, a men’s ministry, or even a children’s ministry. You know that the group could benefit from going on a retreat. You know that the time away from life and every day stresses could be good for the group, the individual, and help build stronger spiritual wellness in each of your members. You know that this time away could be extremely beneficial for the group. The problem is that you have to actually plan the group retreat and you have no idea where to begin.


Step 1: Schedule the Retreat

The first thing that you want to do is figure out when you want the retreat to take place. Remember that everyone is going to need time to clear their schedules and make arrangements to go. Everyone is also going to need an opportunity to save money for the trip. You can’t say “hey let’s go on a retreat in two days” and expect people to be able to drop their responsibilities and actually be able to afford to go. At a minimum, try to schedule the retreat three to four months away. Six months into the future is normally a good time frame. Six months allows you time to make arrangements from your daily responsibilities and come up with the finances for your retreat. You should also consider hosting fundraisers for anyone in your group that may not be able to afford to go.


Step 2: Pick the Location

Now that you have a general idea of when you would like to have your retreat, choose a location that is available during the time that you want the retreat to take place. Unless you have a predetermined destination in mind before scheduling the retreat, it’s best to pick when you want to go before where. This can help narrow down the search for appropriate locations. Make sure that you choose a location that will be beneficial to those in the group. Consider what the menu looks like and whether or not those in your group are going to enjoy the food. Consider the policy for bringing snacks and/or drinks and whether or not your group can deal with this. You also want to consider whether or not the members of the group are going to enjoy the physical location.


Step 3: Agenda

Finally, consider the agenda for when you want to go on your retreat. Typically, when group retreats take place, there is an overall goal. Christian retreats are typically held in order to enhance spirituality and better the group. You want to consider what you want to accomplish during the retreat and ensure that an agenda is set to allow chances for the goal to be met. Don’t forget to schedule free time on the agenda. The overall goal of a retreat is to get away from stress and routine, so don’t turn the retreat into stress and routine.

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