When planning a wedding one of the first obstacles you have to tackle is where you want the wedding and reception held. In the Clovis, CA area there are tons of choices that make for a perfect day, and it can be difficult to choose. One of the most difficult decisions is whether or not you would like to have an indoor or outdoor venue.

There are tons of advantages to having an outdoor ceremony and reception. Generally speaking, people like having the freedom of openness while enjoying the weather on a beautiful day. Outdoor Clovis wedding venue, Tuscan Gardens, for example, offers a terrific location for couples who desire a romantic outdoor ceremony and reception. Boasting incredible photo opportunities there is nothing more enjoyable than an outside wedding with gorgeous weather.

However, outdoor weddings do have their drawbacks. The biggest one is the weather. If you’re fortunate enough to have sunshine on your special day, then there is no problem. However, weather can change in just a week, and you could be left worrying that the date you selected perhaps wasn’t the best choice. While inclement weather can put a damper on the events, if you take proper precautions like having a gazebo or tent on-site, there is less to worry about.

With indoor wedding venues, you will lose the free feeling but gain a worry-free weather situation. No matter what is going on outside, you know that the site will be an ideal location for the just in case moments. However, many of the inside event venues can seem overly generic. Many of these options come with a full-service choice that can be very useful for brides that don’t want to organize every fine detail including setup and having to source a catering company.

For deciding on which is better, an outdoor location or indoors event hall, most of the time it comes down to personal preference. If you have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, you shouldn’t let the weather stop you from having that dream. For those that like having the reliability of an indoor venue, they are great too.

No matter which option you select for your perfect day, always remember to book early. The sooner you reserve your location, the sooner you can organize the other aspects of the wedding like flower choice, DJ or band, and what type of cuisine you would like to serve. If you wait too long, you may find that your ideal location is already booked.

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